Friday, November 28, 2014

Live Mini @ blogspot is no more!

Hello everyone!

If you are a reader of my blogs I am sure you have come across Live Mini more than once.

Live Mini was my miniature musings/blog/shop for a very long time. I had that idea in early January 2005. I got into the miniature world via dolls. Somehow along the way I got into re-ment and then made dollhouse miniatures. I got caught up in making miniatures because it was cool and I got a lot of recognition for it. I even got published for a while! I learned many things on the way. I made and unmade friends, got my work stolen and resold under a different name, and even had a magazine printed an article of mine without asking along the way. Did I mention that Live Mini @ blogspot got stolen too, along with all the contents? What crazy business all over tiny pieces of art!

In the end, I felt like I had burned many bridges and lost too many people while making miniatures. I lost the passion when my father-in-law died, and didn't want to come back since. Now that I had some time to reflect, I really should be making doll clothing and all along because that is where my heart has always been, but too afraid that I am not talented enough.

There are a few things Live Mini had really left me with:

A given: The flow of lemons (literally and figuratively) will not go away just because there is a drought or a flood. You just gotta make the best of what is available.

1) I am an artist. No one can take away my talents and experiences I learned along the years.
2) I can love/enjoy/continue to make miniatures, regardless of what people think.
3) People CAN and often DO have the same ideas, but that doesn't mean they are going to be expressed the same way.
4) It is hard to run your own business but it is a worthwhile endeavor if you can do it.
5) People come and go, but friends will stay forever regardless of your change of hobby/job.

I hope by closing that chapter in my life it would help me be able to move on the hung ups of Live Mini and actually make clay art again. It seems rather drastic does it? Sometimes the only way to cleanse the soul is to delete it.

Betty Candy will continue to run as scheduled. No stoppage there. :)