Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quick Resin Doll Cleanup Tutorial

Hello everyone!

I am still working on my grand scheme, but first I have some doll care that I have to do.

One of my dream dolls that I can't believe I own is this little fella: Unoa Lite Flourite. She is an adorable little resin girl that is 25cm tall so her body is bigger than a Blythe but smaller than a Momoko. Sekiguchi (the company that released Momoko and Annz) did release an Unoa Lite in vinyl, but that is different (and I have one of those too.) Unfortunately, she came to me with her blush coming off and a bad face up, so... we need to fix that. We don't want the blush to get on the clothes. In our case, we are removing everything on the doll, but you can just use this to remove just the faceup too.

So... here is what I have:

- A bottle of Winsor & Newton brush cleaner
- Paper towels
- Q-tips
- A container full of dish soapy water

So... here we go!

First, we have our dolly.

... and then we have to take it all apart. Make sure you keep all the pieces of the doll together, including the strings, metal pieces, and so forth.

Wetting the paper towel or a Q-tip with the brush cleaner carefully clean the doll pieces. Be careful not to scrub so hard that little pieces come off! Unfortuntely for me, my doll did not seem to have to have Mr. Super Clear sprayed on it while it was being blushed, so removing the blushing is a lot harder than it should be.

Note to any aspiring face up artists: If you are planning to do face ups and/or any body painting/blushing, PLEASE USE something like Mr. Super Clear UV on your resin dolls before you apply the pastels/paint! Not only it will be easier to clean up if you mess up, it will also protect your doll from UV light! All resin dollies will eventually yellow, but with a little help from Mr. Super Clear UV it will at least help a little. You can find it online.

After I cleaned my pieces, I put the cleaned up pieces into the soapy water so that would help remove the brush remover off the surface of the pieces easier.

When you are all done cleaning the surfaces with the brush cleaner, take the doll parts with soapy water and gently scrub/wash all the parts, adding more soap if necessary. Rinse out all the dolly parts with clear water until all the soap is off the parts (when the water runs clear).

After you wash and rinse everything thoroughly, wipe down the resin parts as best as you can dry and lay the pieces out to dry. Wait at least 24 hours before you restring your doll.

Don't have Winsor & Newton brush cleaner? You will read that some people use rubbing alcohol or acetone, which is fine when you clean a doll quickly BUT the most important part of all this is once you are done cleaning, wash the doll parts with soapy water immediately after you use those harsh chemicals, especially acetone! Acetone is known to eat some kinds of resin, and you do not want your precious dolly to be eaten by chemicals now, do you? The same with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is known to make resin weaker over time, so you do not want that to be on your doll for long either.

I hope this little tutorial will help you get over the fears of cleaning up a ball joint doll and just get down to it! :)