Friday, June 14, 2013

YKK Zipper #3 comparisions on dolls

Hello everyone!

Once again I have found a new job. That usually means I disappear for a while until I get used to it before I can craft again.

But before I do that, I have gotten some zippers to test out my theories.

Now zippers are a tricky business for doll clothing designers. I found that out the hard way. There are many places that sell doll zippers, BUT they usually have pictures of just zippers and not on a doll's hand or anything (except the ones on ebay), which makes the whole buying experience rather difficult, especially since doll zippers are not something that they carry online. There are Barbie clothes that have wonderfully small zippers, but where would you even begin to find such a thing?

Well throughout the travels of the Internet I found the main manufacturer of zippers YKK. They are the largest zipper manufacturer in the world AND many different vendors carry them. For an experiment, I ordered size #3, which is for small things and dresses, and here are my results:

This is the YKK #3 zipper on an Unoss hand. Unosses are 60cm tall (1/3 scale) so I thought it is a good experience just to see what they look like on Bebe. It looks just fine on her.

On Unoa (or 1/4 scale) it is a bit bigger on them. There are styles that have bigger zippers and it would work for that, but for delicate work I would prefer the invisible ones more, at least for this size.

The last one is there because I got curious: What would a standard Barbie doll (or in this case my Unoa lite) be like with this zipper? I think it is way too big.

So why bring up zippers at all here? Attaching zippers in itself not hard. There are many guides on the Internet that will show you, but all you need if you sew by hand a needle and thread, with a sewing machine a zipper foot (better if it is invisible), and if you don't want to sew at all, how about fusible tape and an iron? See? It is not that hard.

So here we have it: my review on the YKK size #3 zipper for 1/3, 1/4, and 1/6 scale dolls. I hope this guide will help people who want to add zippers to clothes with this particular size zippers. :)