Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fair isle knitting

Hello everyone!

So I have been working on my knitting again. There are a bunch of things to celebrate so I did not spend much time sewing, although when the winds die down I will definitely do it again because there is a dolly meet and all the new girls are here at last! ^.^ Trust me... this actually took all the time that I did not blog to do it.

This is my first hand at trying fair isle knitting. I love it so far and will do more in the future. After spending a month learning how to hold the yarn I can either do it with one hand or both hands. I don't seem to have a problem getting it all tangled up like what I hear people say, but that is just my luck I think.

Of course... instead of having me write a long tirade about it, how about some images instead since I got Photoshop C6 Extended? Expensive but worth it... :X

First started off with yarn sampling...

... then the yarn shopping :P I am always a sucker for buying yarn. Trust me on this one. I think all knitters get super excited when they go shopping for yarn.

I then first knit a swatch, then a "blank" so I can figure out how a project will look in the future. I might like it, I might not. These turn out to be ok on fingerweight yarn. Probably will knit with that weight for my Unoss in the future.

After finding the right needle and yarn, just cast on with the plans in mind and knit and knit!. This part always take the longest.

This is the first one that I had made! I hope to make more different varieties in the future! Who knows... if I knit them fast enough it might become a staple in the future if I can knit them fast enough. I have more colors to experiment too, so I will definitely get going on that. ;)