Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Technology is not always the best thing... (part 3)

Hello everyone!

So as the end of my first sewing class is coming to a close we will re-examine the vest that I printed out of the Internet.

After staring at the whole picture (those 2 pages are bulky) it was time to trace and work. I took the pattern to my teacher to make sure it fits. Other than some discrepancies on the edges of the patterns the pattern seems to fit. I still do not recommend people doing this if you have no knowledge of flat patterns because you need to at least know what the patterns look like on paper. I had to ask my teacher for help.

... A lot of ironing and a bit of pinning here and there and then it is time to cut!

The instructions from the pattern is very straightforward. There are details that you can add or not, depending on your mood. This is the vest half way following the instructions to the latter. I am proud of it so far.

As long as you don't mind assembling the pattern from many pieces of paper and a little understanding (and some help) I guess printing a life sized pattern is not as bad as you think ONLY if you can get the .pdf file to be yours instead of some random program printing it out.