Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Technology is not always the best thing... (part 3)

Hello everyone!

So as the end of my first sewing class is coming to a close we will re-examine the vest that I printed out of the Internet.

After staring at the whole picture (those 2 pages are bulky) it was time to trace and work. I took the pattern to my teacher to make sure it fits. Other than some discrepancies on the edges of the patterns the pattern seems to fit. I still do not recommend people doing this if you have no knowledge of flat patterns because you need to at least know what the patterns look like on paper. I had to ask my teacher for help.

... A lot of ironing and a bit of pinning here and there and then it is time to cut!

The instructions from the pattern is very straightforward. There are details that you can add or not, depending on your mood. This is the vest half way following the instructions to the latter. I am proud of it so far.

As long as you don't mind assembling the pattern from many pieces of paper and a little understanding (and some help) I guess printing a life sized pattern is not as bad as you think ONLY if you can get the .pdf file to be yours instead of some random program printing it out.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Technology is not always the best thing... (part 2)

Hello everyone!

So after that headache of printing all those pages for the pattern it is time to assemble it.

Oh how I wish I had printed this in Kinkos instead of home!

So... this is half an hour's worth of work assembling. I am far from done (my husband said it printed out 47 pages) so this is going to school with me, but still... 0_0 It is huge, unwieldy, and hardly foldable at this point. I will continue to work on it though because this pattern is not for sale anywhere around me.

I hope this works!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Technology is not always the best thing... (part 1)

Hello everyone!

So I am at the final project of my Beginner's sewing class. So we have to make a human sized reversible vest. I found the pattern and everything. Unfortunately, the pattern I found is not available at the local Joann's, so... I went to Simplicity's website to order the pattern. I saw that it is available for download. Yay right?


First of all you need to get an account from them to get to the digital part. Fine...
But that is where it gets tricky.

On Simplicity's website it said for a digital file you can only print it 3 times from the digital file website and you "own" the file for 1 year there. You then need to download Adobe Reader (the older version, not the latest version) and then another program to get it. If you download the latest version of Adobe Reader then the other program that you have to download simply does not work. You have to find one version lower to get it all set up.

Once you get it all set up to download, they won't let you save it to a real .pdf file. You spent $8 on this pattern. You would think you can own it on your computer right? Wrong... It took some interesting wrestling of sorts just to get it print. It is annoying to say the least.

Did I mention that the combination of programs is spyware? My husband the computer master had to deal with it just so he can get it to work. I don't think other people are so lucky to have a computer guru. You would just end up furious and out a few dollars.

Thank goodness I have a laser printer AND a document scanner. I printed it, scanned it, and THEN turned that newly scanned document into a .pdf for later. What a huge hassle! I don't think I will ever sell my pattern to anyone else, BUT for personal use that is such a hassle. I did not even put the pieces together yet, which I know I have to do. I will get it done, but yeesh...

I think next time I will buy the pattern and have it mailed to my house. It is easier that way.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clothing Inspiration links

Hello everyone!

As I head towards another week of work I figured that I should share some of the clothing people's links that I am inspired by.

A lot of the Japanese people that appears in Dolly Dolly and Dollybird have websites, but since they are in Japanese it is kind of hard to find unless you can read Japanese. I am reading through my stack of Dolly Dolly/Dollybird magazines to find them and started a list for you all so you can enjoy it too. They are available on the side bar.

I also found a bunch of other people that I admire through Den of Angels. I will continue to add the links as I see them. There are many talented people out there.

So keep an eye out on them. There are lots and they are fun to look at, even if you don't understand the language. There is always Google Translate.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nude doll protest

It has been a while since I posted here. Since then I have went to Las Vegas to relax a little before landing an interesting job being a BBQ maker, which is hopefully going to turn full time soon.

Just because I am working that does not mean I am going to stop working on my art, which working a lot only makes me want to play with them more.

I feel awful about this, but this shot is the first shot where I have all my 27cm dollies together: all from Japan. They all have similar body types and supposedly can share the same clothes. I haven't taken them out for 3 years now, which made me feel even more awful about having them. I love them all to bits, but it is time to get them clothes.

Well... it just so happens that I have a ton of dolly clothing patterns and cloth and a willing sewing machine that will tell me whether or not this is true. Either way, I need to practice my sewing again and well... my dolls are complaining, so I better do something about it.

Speaking of complaining dolls, my Elfdoll Alices are still complaining about lack of clothes. As I find myself work more, I find myself finding time to actually make art and even (gasp) the gym! You just have to make time for yourself, seriously.

Getting back on track here, here are the experiments that came out from the pearl knotting. I like them. They are not clothes, but they are something.

That is all for now. I will post more as things progresses. :) I am glad that I am digging my dolls out and playing with them. Their protest hopefully will not go unnoticed.