Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Introductions and pain

Hello everyone!

True to my word I blogged once again. Warning: This time it would be semi-long.

So... let me introduce myself again, because that changed a lot as well.

Unoa Sizes (bigger photos)

I am Betty. I am a doll nut. My primary collection is mostly on Alchemic Labo's dolls called Unoas. They are one of the most popular of Japanese ball joint dolls. And because of a doll nut I lam a self-taught doll clothing designer/seamstress.

Here are some samples of work I learned to do over the years:

You get the point. I can make my own patterns and use it to my advantage, whether it is sewing, knitting, or other things.

There was a reason why I was quiet. One of the reasons why I was quiet was because I was down and under most of the time. For the past 12 years I have been sick with one illness after another. This time I have nerve damage that made me not able to walk for the past 2 years. I keep pushing myself every day, trying to do various things like sewing and knitting until I cannot do any of this anymore because of my nerve medications. They make me shaky and unpredictable. It's frustrating for sure! I always felt like if I never got sick I would be able to accomplish the things I wanted to do. 

It's too late to get those years back but it is not too late to do what I want.

This blog and the photos are a reflection of that.

So... if you have time feel free add there as a fan to see more of my feeling and work:

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There might be all kinds of goodies here but unless you really want to commission me my shop would only be open when there are things for people to go shop for.

Thank you guys honestly from the bottom of my heart if you read this far and understand. Adding me to your social media would be even nicer. I will try to blog more and you guys can read more about my happenings.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Only make art when it's fun

Dear readers,

So once again this blog has been restarted. I don't know why I keep dong it but I am doing it..

Once again I cleared the blog (again) and start over (again.)


I will be blunt now: Make art for fun! If it sells, it sells. If not, don't get sad over it.

Don't make my mistake! I have been an artist all my life. I started making art to sell around 2005. I worked hard, made a name for myself. I even get my work published and displayed in art galleries! I made enough money to get even and get into the black.

However, I also have seen the ugly side of the art community: copying, stealing, misrepresentation, and even outright reshelling my work and selling them as their own! I got burnt out, walked away, learned different things, and just never went back to selling even though I have friends/family screaming at me: sell it to me! I GOT MONEY!!!

I am not going to turn that down, but if it is not at my terms then no.

Thank you guys for keeping me here sane. You keep reading and I will keep writing.