Saturday, April 4, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 30: March 30, 2015


Yay! Second to the last day of the 31 Days Straight Art! I am sorry if I ended up just posting everything on one day. I have been very tired as of late. I did take pictures of everything so it is not all lost!

Spring has officially sprung (daytime wise but weather wise it was like this since January). I am upset about the weather. It is just too damn nice! It feels more like summer than spring. The lack of rain didn't help. In fact, it made things worse.

Since it is so damn nice I went to the yard to weed out my strawberry patch. It has it coming. I had put coffee grounds on the ground to get rid of the snails from the strawberries, which works to a degree. Once you water the plants there is a limit on the effectiveness. I will have to get some more after I get back home.

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