Wednesday, April 1, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 29: March 29, 2015

Hello again,

I haven't been inspired to sew, mainly because I can't get my sewing machine to behave. It happens to the best of us. We cannot all be masters of our machines as much as we like it, so I took another break from sewing today. I really need to stop that.

So I did some drawing late into the night. I am such a nerd sometimes! I have watched TONS of anime but my favorite would always be Sailor Moon. It just has that certain something that is lovely AND pathetic about it at the same time. I haven't really seen many shows that comes close to this. I grew up watching it. I was around 6 when the show started, so I knew about the show but it wasn't in the US until much later. By then everyone around me was hooked on the show. I guess with the dawn of the Internet and all we can all enjoy the show now whenever we want to, but the manga is the thing that stuck with me.

I am usually awful with my drawings. My family is a family of artists. My brother is an artist. My mom (was) an artist. I have an uncle that was famous for his Chinese style watercolors (he has since passed away LONG ago). I have a niece that is studying art in art school (lucky her! I want to go to art school!) I love to draw but I rarely keep anything because let's just say that my family's achievements overshadow mines any day. Plus my house has limited space so drawing anything large would make things worse. I haven't given up hope yet. I do have watercolors and I do have watercolor paper, so maybe someday when I am not so nervous about drawing I will color them and give them some life.

Well now you know I can draw. I shouldn't be embarrassed about it really... I really should just post them anyway.

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