Monday, March 9, 2015

31 Straight Day Art Day 9: March 9, 2015

Made it to Monday yay!

Remember the pics I posted for what I am planning to do? Well let's go do it! So... how, especially since I am not feeling well?

So I am doing the bra and panty set first since I did not scan the Unoa Zero pattern in yet. Since this is a pattern for Unoa Second I have to grade the patterns, which I did on my computer using Photoshop. You never need to have Photoshop, especially now they changed program to a subscription. It is just nice to work with.

After computer grading that is when you cut it out, measure the graded pattern on your doll, and then see if it works out.

... and the facts of life is: It never does. Sometimes I thank god that I have all these books. It is nice to have a reference. So... now that I look at my Unoa Zero's giant boobies I might just have to make that bra from scratch. OMG... The last time I did that I did not end up with a successful bra. I am hoping with my fingers crossed that I will get it this time. Bra making is actually an art form that I never mastered, and I applaud people who can do so. Since I can't do that much with my allergies I might have time to once again reread this book. Lee-An Burgess is one of the best bra makers out there so I am happy to be able to summon her book on a whim.

I guess I am spending a week making lingerie. I love that stuff but it is hard to get right.

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