Tuesday, March 3, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 3: March 3, 2015

Hello again,

Today I had a chance to run to San Francisco to grab a random lunch date with a friend that lives in Sacramento. That part was pleasant but that leaves me very little time for art for the day since driving back from San Francisco during rush traffic is very tiring.

Today I treated myself to some mechanical pencils. I used to collect them before I went to college. I had a huge bag full of them and I would use them to do everything. For some reason they all went missing over the years and I only have 1 left, so it is time to at least have more than 1 at my disposal.

... and of course with pencils you gotta test it! Now I am rather rusty at drawing but I drew Naru from Sailor Moon to play. I always think that Naru is actually one of the saddest character without her realizing it! She is such a loyal friend but as Usagi takes on her roles she got left behind not knowing any of the things that is going on. I know that Usagi's other 2 friends random friends that she started out with got left behind as well. At least Naoko keeps drawing Naru with Usagi's new friends like eating lunch with Haruka and Michiru in high school. It seemed like the 2 other friends just got dropped altogether.

Hopefully when I am not so tired I can go back to sewing. I started to cut my fabric when I went to San Francisco but now I came home and I am tired.

Maybe I should just go back to drawing |:P

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