Monday, March 9, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 8: March 8, 2015

I spent Sunday mostly recovering from my medications. If you are asthmatic you would know that taking inhaler puffs, while it helps you breathe, is NOT helpful in every other aspect of your day. I ended up passing out for a good majority of the time which I could have used to make art. In fact I am still blacking out now. I am not happy.

The only thing I can safely say planned on what to do next.

I think everyone has their spontaneous bursts of art, but in the clothing world you can have the spontaneous moment of art for the initial planning of the outfit BUT it takes a lot of coordination, planning, sketching, measuring, and tears to make that spontaneous burst of idea come to life.

... and you start off with an idea. These photos are from my Unoa Freak books. I love Atri's work. If you haven't seen them I got a link to them on the side. Since Didi and Fifi needs clothes this is where I would start off. The great thing about sewing is by the time you are done sewing even if you start off with a pattern it will be vastly different than the one on the photo, guaranteed.

Crossing my fingers that they will work out.

Today's work will be featured on another entry.

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