Saturday, March 7, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 7: March 7, 2015

Hello everyone,

Today is so tiring. I didn't sleep last night and then spent all day today running errands like washing the cars, buying groceries, working in my garden, etc... Bad Betty. I wore myself out.

Alas... if I do talk about art today I would talk about my muses: my ball joint doll collection. Truth to be hold, my dolls have names, personalities, and sometimes jobs but they have no storyline behind them. There are only 2 dolls I own that has an actual storyline and purpose, but they are not here yet, so talking about them now would not do anything. Maybe that is why I like to just go with the flow and let the dolls define themselves.

Click for a bigger photo

So... I guess I will start with my Unoa girls, which at the moment I primarily work with. The largest Unoa dolls I own are Didi and Fifi. Didi is an Unoa Zero Marion from 2010 and Fifi is an Unoa Zero Latea from the same release. I got Didi first and then Fifi second. They are first and foremost good friends that shares everything. I never have dolls that conflict with each other yet but my friends have. They are also around the same age group (around mid-late 20s). Didi is more sophisticated and modern while Fifi is more carefree and whimsical.

Unfortunately until recently they didn't get much attention because I was not living in a situation where I can take them out as freely as I wanted to. Now that the situation has changed I am definitely taking advantage of it now. These cutie pies are now one of the main focus points of clothing because let's face it... Unoa Zeroes are an odd size and shape. They are more similar to SD16 except they have no heeled feet, so they can't just wear SD shoes unless they are for flat feet, and 7.5cm long. Besides, I make doll clothes, so I should actually take the time to clothe them properly (and work on bigger size clothes for a change.)

If you are a fan of my flickr you would know my usual doll of choice: Darline my Unoa Sist 1.5. Darline is my very first ball joint doll so I learned a lot from her. I got her back in 2006, when Unoas are relatively rare. Now they are less rare but I will never sell Darline no matter what! Darline (and a pair of boobs) were for the longest time is my only sewing buddy. I have other dolls but I mainly sew for her. She has a lot of things I made over the years. It is a very loving situation. Darline likes everything I do even when I suck at sewing and can't even sew her a t-shirt or undies. My sewing/knitting skills had changed but my love for her didn't.

Well that is all the time I have for now talking about my girls. Hopefully I will not be so tired/busy tomorrow to make art instead of talking about it.

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