Thursday, March 5, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 5: March 5, 2015 & Thursday Tools

Hello all,

Today is a kind of math day. It is not pi day, but just as cool as being 3/5/15. Can't resist a bad math coincidence no matter how you write the day.

So what is new at the Betty Candy studio? Cleaning and re-evaluating my work, getting ready to make more stuff.

So after studying all the pictures online about bonnets I had concluded that the bonnet might be too big for Unoa Zero. Personally I like it that way. For the fun of it I put it on my Leekeworld Ashley, which has a size 11 head and it fits her just fine. My Hanabi or as I like to call her my trouble girl decided that it is hers so she took it. Even if I want to give it back to my Unoa Zero I can't, so... Back to the drawing board for me.

This is the drawing board aka my drafting table. As much as people think an artist always have a "creative mess" I believe that a "creative mess" = disaster. Why? Because as soon as you are done making something from the table if it stays messy you lose it, especially paper. Creative messes like to eat paper and I work with paper to draft patterns, SO might as well keep it clean. Otherwise you just bury everything.

So the story behind this shot: Definitely one of the fun parts of being a clothing designer is to prepare your models for your projects, and dolls are the same. Giving the personality a life form of its own is the hard part. What is in the picture is actually the default wigs that came with Unoa Zero's 2010 release, which both Didi (Unoa Zero Marion on the left) and Fifi (Unoa Zero Latea on the right) have. Now that I have 2 of the exact same doll from that release that these wigs that came with the dolls are terrible! They are a size 7/8 which makes fitting almost impossible because their heads are size 8/9. The hair is god awful to style and really plastic in feel. However, the color is beautiful. I spent around 1/2 hour on fixing the wig from before (Didi's hair) to after (Fifi's hair). This might not look much but to me it is a miracle.

Now that the models are ready I can test things with my girl and see how things fit/not fit. If everything works then great. If not then I just have to adjust it. Yeah... I think tonight might be a long night.


New Section: Thursday Tools

So on my previous blog (which I deleted because it got stolen so many times I quit trying to go to blogger)I would blog every week about tools of the trade that is obvious to the artist BUT not to the rest of the world. Let's face it. I hate mysteries. Art is fun. Art is technical, but most importantly: it is something that you can do with the right equipment and enough time on your hands to practice. You might have talent, but without the tools it would be pretty damn hard to do it and have it be where you want.

So what is this photo I am looking at? You are looking at a ruffle foot. What does it do? It makes ruffles. I will be using this lovely foot as soon as I am done with making the bonnets because I have a skirt that has lots of ruffles but buying ruffled fabric is expensive. Every brand of sewing machine out there has a ruffle foot, so if you have an inkling to make ruffles you can just buy one. This is one tool that I think every person that sews with a sewing machine should have one! This model has you make a ruffle every 12, 6 or 1 sewing machine stitch, which is pretty standard. How does it work? There are lots of videos on Youtube about it. It is not hard to use, but it is rather intimidating at first. Once you get the hang of it you will not regret the price tag.

That is it for today. I have a lot of sewing to do, so I better get to it!

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