Wednesday, March 25, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 25 & WIP Wednesday: March 25, 2015


So my plans for a kitsuke might be put on hold for now.

I got a commission to work on. My friend and I are working on a trade. I need face ups for my girls and she needs clothes for her Unoss, so that is fair I think. Since I didn't have my super sharp scissors until this afternoon I didn't really get a chance to work on it until before dinner.

So... let's get to work! She wanted a cardigan, a t-shirt, pair of jeans, and a pair of tights. Ok sounds fair. Let's go! Bebe will be our model of this fashion journey. She can't wait to get clothes on personally so I will make a few for her too.

Once you memorize how to make something it is easy to just replicate them again. The problem of course is the pattern. If the pattern doesn't fit no matter how many times you make something it just doesn't work.

... and here is how the shirt has started. As you can see there are some fitting issues but that would be no problem to fix the next day when there is more light and less chores for me to do. The actual sewing is easy. Actually this took a few minutes to make a shell.

The hard part is to make the pattern in the first place. I started off with a pattern already in place with a general measurement and then went to work grading, cutting, and then sewing this piece. Notice I did not put the t-shirt collar on nor I did much topstitching. Those are finishing touches to the piece when it is done. Since this is a test piece to just figure out the fit I don't do that much effort in making it look nice. That will be done when the shirt fits and the pattern hangs right. Decorative stitching is always nice of course but you don't start doing that until after you are done figuring out the main garment construction. This piece is also not serged. It is simply a shell made with the correct material to see how the garment drapes.

A t-shirt is simple of course until you have to start from scratch measurements. More photos will come tomorrow!

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