Monday, March 2, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 2: March 2, 2015

Hello everyone!

Somehow I survived today, and no not because it is Monday.

Important service announcement: I have a rare allergy that makes me allergic to anything scented, cigarettes, weed smoke, etc... Literally I would break out in hives and rashes, my throat would swell up, and I literally won't be able to see if your scent is too strong and stings my eyes. I can also taste it and feel it too. If we ever meet in person PLEASE consider my allergies in mind. Unfortunately a lot of cases of this if you have it on and I am allergic to it you can see it pretty much right away, and it is not pretty.

Now that you have been warned officially, I am not feeling well because I had been overexposed to London's atmosphere. If you want me to describe what London smells like it smells like damp perfumed clothing with cigarettes. I am slowly recovering from this mixture that I was stuck with the entire last week, which sucks. This stupid allergy is so bad going to the grocery store can be hazardous to my health. It is not pleasant.

Anyway, so today I did not do that much, but what I did would give you some insight of how I test the items.

Today I went back to doing what I was doing before I went to London: grading a bonnet pattern I made. This was based on a real lolita bonnet I seen and want to remake. I want to make bonnets for my dolls and for myself once I figure out how to do it. The first one I made was the black one with lace. Ironically instead of making it for my Unoa Zero (8/9 size head) it ended up being for my Unoa Sist (6/7 size head)! This is why you would see a lot more muslin pieces instead of fashion fabric. My teachers drilled into me early on: You need to make a muslin first! Unfortunately, sometimes I would get very impatient and make it out of fashion fabric anyway. Well... that didn't work and then you are stuck with wasting fabric that you could have used to make the final work.

By the time this photo is taken there are 3 attempts with paper and muslin. The progression is left to right. -> Today's attempt is all the way to the right. I am happy with the 3rd attempt at altering the pattern today. :) Sometimes I would do a bunch of work and then have to look at it the next day in order for me to decide if it is good enough for the final one. I think I will save that until tomorrow.

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