Sunday, March 15, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 15: March 15, 2015

Hi again,

Today is such a nice day that I went out to the yard to work! That still counts as art right?

So here I have a strawberry patch. I grew it in memory of my favorite guinea lap pig who loved to eat strawberries. My piggy is so to speak the guardian of this patch. Normally during the winter the rain would come down and get the plants all soaking wet so that they CAN grow as much as they do. Unfortunately CA is in a freaking drought that has no end to it that I have seen, and all the plants are completely confused. The strawberries actually have been blooming since January. The weather was colder then. The flowers didn't really turn into berries. Now that it is around mid 70s*F (23-24*C) around here the flowers are turning into fruit. Unfortunately strawberries are very water intensive plants so I have to start watering them every other day so supplement the lack of rain.

I also grow mint, oregano, lemons, and blackberries, although we are rethinking about what to grow now that it has been officially spring since mid February. I will have to take pictures tomorrow when things are as not as dark outside. Where I live do have water rationing but it is not very strictly enforced yet. However, I am not going to purposefully take in plants that are very water intensive unless it is more strawberries.

As for dolly art stuff? I am going to grade/translate this Unoa Zero bustier pattern and see where it goes. Hopefully I will have something done this week about it because I *really* need clothes for my girls. At the moment I put the hat in the back burner until I feel up to it again.

Hopefully next week is more productive.


Madhatter said...

how did you get on with the pattern? i'm thinking of buying the book for this pattern. i have an msd girl, what other type patterns are in the book? just came across your blog and really glad i did

Madhatter said...

is this the pattern with the bra cup/corset? I purchased one of etsy and wish it had instructions. managed after a few hours to get it to work and alterations.

Betty said...

Hello! Thank you for your comments!

First question: Unoa Freak books are only for Unoa dolls. There are bra and corset patterns in the books. Good luck in working the patterns!