Wednesday, March 11, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 10: March 10, 2015

Hello again,

LOL I wrote the whole post with photos but forgot to press the publish button. not smart.

From yesterday:

I managed to do more work than yesterday, but it is not exactly how I want.

I was reading up on how to make a bra (once again), but then a little hat popped up in front of me.

Part of my design with all my clothes involved a tiny little beret. Well... I did not like the one I made so I have to once again design one on my own from scratch. I just seem to like doing that do I? I just can't get professional patterns that would agree with me, so once again I looked at the hat and start from scratch. This little hat I made was my first prototype that did not sit well with me. I think I took that hat apart so many times that the seams were fraying badly.

... and I like the hat better! This is a mock up I made today. I saw the patterns of a French beret online and made a mini version according to that. I like it better a lot better but then I have to face: the fashion fabric of choice.

What I have here is a piece of 100% polyester micro velvet and a 100% polyester satin lining for said hat. It is beautiful. It is expensive, and it is soft to the touch. I am making this with as thin and as small of a pile as I can get. Velvet fabric is nice but it has its problems.

1) The fabric is thick. Sewing machines generally don't like thick fabric.

2) There is a definite nap, meaning there is a direction of the fabric that you have to cut with.

3) It is usually dry clean only. DO NOT IRON IT or you will regret it!

Unfortunately all I did was more prep work. After I made the hat and the quick mock up with muslin I have to preshrink this velvet. I took the iron on polyester setting and just carefully steam it. I can see the fabric shrink immediately! After I finished it had to dry, so I hang it over a chair to dry. The directions did say do not fold the fabric, so I am just draping it over a chair so it doesn't get wrinkles.

Now waiting for it to dry. Meanwhile I am going back to my book. I hope I can get this going soon!

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