Monday, March 2, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 1: March 1, 2015

I did not end up putting the first day until the 2nd.

Why? Because I spent the 1st mainly on the plane. I was in London for a week and it didn't end until the 1st. When I got back home I thought I would put on a post right away, but I ended up sleeping back home. In fact, I am still probably crashing now.

But despite all that, I did do art on the airplane in the only way that I could: knitting.

It seems to me at this moment I sew and design my own dolly clothes. When I am not doing that (when I am out of the house, long car rides, etc...) I am knitting. When I started this blog I wanted to learn how to knit proficiently. I am happy to say I knitted hats, socks, and even sweaters.

This is the latest sweater I am working on. No I did not do this all in one day! That would be quite an achievement! I started working on this sweater dress when one of my many cousin came in 2013. I was hoping to finish it before she came over but then I didn't know how to finish this sweater dress, because I find the original design of this sweater, while beautiful and form fitting, to be quite boring pattern wise.

I decided to add polka dots on the bottom instead! There are going to be 2 pockets that is the size of an iphone 6+ that is going on top of this sweater for added color/pop. I might add another one but it depends on my mood.

To be honest, it is hard to tell sometimes if polka dots count as fair isle knitting OR intarsa knitting. I suppose it depends on the method in which you knit with. For me this is a mix of both. The polka dots themselves are intarsa but I am knitting them with the fair isle method. So there are a few hiccups.

... and here is my hiccup! So where I wrapped around the thread now there is a line through the knitting. I hope it blocks out because I definitely don't wanna knit this again.

So this is day 1. Day 2 will be posted later today after work hours.

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