Thursday, March 19, 2015

31 Days Straight Art Day 17 - 19: March 17 - 19, 2015

Hello everyone!

This is probably one of the few posts that are going to be grouped together, just because the art days were so intense I pretty much fell asleep afterwards.

So Tuesday... I spent time with my high school friend. We had dim sum with her family and then went shopping. That part was fun.

I also spent a lot of time photographing the broken piece of my Unoa Elder Ange. Sigh... It is so sad.

I unstrung my Ange as soon as possible. She is supposed to have the big bust. I was so sad that her bust broke but sometimes things just happen and then you just need to fix it, because hell when would you see another Unoa Elder fairy skin large bust plate again? So... I spent Tuesday talking to friends and mod artists to see how should we go around to fixing this awful crack.

... and Wednesday we fixed her!

On Wednesday I went to my friend Ann, Leslie, and Alexia's house. They are all roommates and they are all doll lovers with over 100+ dolls in their house. Ann mainly mods dolls while Leslie and Alexia makes clothes. Ann helped me fix Ange's broken chest piece. She also reinforced both of the chest pieces. Of course... can't do anything about it at this point. It had to dry

... and dry it did! Today I examined the pieces that were done.

The crack healed ok. Yay!

... but the head piece no longer fits into the hole! This is how much apoxie sculpt that was inside. I had to use sandpaper and dremel to reshape what was added on inside so I can fit the head back on.

... and here is as close to the head as I can make it. Ironically (or not) Chibi Unoa heads fit Unoa Elder heads and so forth, so I guess *if* you want to switch plates you can.

This is the repair from the side after I took the dremel and sandpaper to...

... and here is what it looks like from the front!

Whew! This is done over the span of 3 days! Hooray for me! I really should go back to sewing. I tried to put clothes on her but her character is very girly with pink, white, and lace. That part will work itself out later. I need to go get shoes for her. That part would be hard.

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