Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 New Year's Resolutions

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I am so far sick again so can't do much.

However, I want to share my 2015 schemes before I forget.

So... here are my plans:

- Sew accessories/clothes for myself from my Lolita Sewing book collection
- Learn how to do nail art with gel (expensive hobby but I wanna start looking good)
- Finish knitting the sweater from 2013 (hopefully before Chinese New Year)
- 1 session of 31 days straight art (in March 2015)
- Move my studio out in the garage and make it usable for clay and sewing (must be done ASAP)
- Do WIP Wednesday pictures on whatever is on my table
- Work on clay once a week. I learned that I like clay still but definitely not something I want to make on a daily basis for practice and for the dolly jewelry.
- Take pictures often
- Take the flat pattern courses

Doll list for next year that I definitely want (in order of want):

- A fairy Unoa Elder Ange
- Unoa Elder boys
- SD13 girl with big bust
- Unoa/Aquarius doll hybrid?

That is it for now. It is ambitious but I hope I can do it!

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