Monday, July 14, 2014

Tips on sewing with knit fabric

Hello everyone!

I am still slaving away getting ready for Betty Candy's opening, but I still have time to experiment and come up with new ideas to add in the last minute.

But... before then I would like to address a common problem that lots of us sewing folks have: sewing knit fabrics. If you are not careful, the sewing machine would stretch your fabric. Worse is that the machine would just eat your fabric, rending it completely unusable.

To avoid that, here is my trick: tissue paper.

I managed to buy a TON of tissue paper for cheap at Costco around Christmas time. There is no way that I can use it all up, even if my packaging for Betty Candy includes tissue paper! Anyway, so here is what I do: I sandwich the knit fabric with tissue paper and pin it down. Once pinned, I zigzagged the edges so that it looks more professionally finished.

When I am done, I just rip off the tissue paper like so.

See? No warped edges!

You can do this at any time during the sewing phase if you need to stabilize the sewing. There are stabilizers that you can buy at the store, but seriously, tissue paper from Costco is much cheaper.

I hope this tip will help in some way!