Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Design preparations

Hello everyone!

The weather is heating up and so is my work! I have to talk to many different people this week about various things. It wears me out I swear!

So I am working on the little details that matters the most for finished products. I have a lot of fabrics with many different colors and they need zippers, so I ordered a sample card for the fabric matching. I found out that the common zippers that we have YKK is made in the US! Pretty cool huh?

I got the Swarovski Crystal card as well. I love Swaroski crystals and it will help me later with design details later for accessories and what not.

I also got more muslin. I ran out while doing lots of prototypes. Sometimes it is the basics that you need, not necessarily all the sample cards and what not.

That is all for now. Hopefully I have some eye candy made for later. It is taking longer than I expected but like all candy you have to do it just right or it won't work.

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