Saturday, January 5, 2013

UFOs and their lessons

Hello everyone!

Winter break = finishing UFOs.

What are UFOs? Well in the art world UFOs = UnFinished Projects, and well I got TONS of them over the years from random ideas and what not!

What I used to do is sew dolly kimonos mostly by hand and some machine. I went back to that pile after hearing many different advices from my teacher and the aids because I think the dolls should be wearing them, not leaving them in a pile. My first finished UFO project of the year DOES fit and looks ok on my Unoa sist, but laying flat I would call it a disaster.

Just because you know new tricks that does not mean that you will not encounter many, many more tricks to learn. Just ask me and my book. Now I am looking at my book to avoid the awful collar and remember to make all the different "undergarments" on the dolls themselves.

Anyway, I got work to do. Hooray for weekends and my free time!

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