Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dolly Introduction #1: the Betty Doll (Part of Blythe 365: Blythe a Day)

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Now that I got the sewing going it is finally time to start introducing all the dollies that are in Betty Candy. Now my husband thinks a doll is a doll and does not/should not have personalities, but I beg to differ.

The first, of course, is the Betty doll herself.

Betty is a 3rd Anniversary Blythe doll. She is not an Asian Butterfly with her hair cut into a bob. She is not a re-rooted girl with the same hair color and eye chips as Art Attack. She is the real thing. How can you tell? Well the stock 3rd Anniversary girl Art Attack has her nails painted pink and her ears pierced. In fact, she comes with a whole treasure trove of earrings and a lots of accessories, so she is well prepared. She also has the Art Attack screen saver disk, which I have in the house somewhere. I got her in Christmas 2005 actually, so that makes her around 7 years old if you count the times.

What is Betty like? She is pretty much me without the allergies. She is a realistic but cynical doctor who enjoys her job, but wishes she has more time for all the other things she is interested in. She is a dreamer who likes to cook and bake but finds herself eating out at some restaurant every night because of her schedule. So... she knows about food and knows about science but she also likes to keep her job clothes and her regular clothes separate. Her job keeps her in some kind of lab coat and clothes to meet up with patients, clients, and other people and she gets really, really sick of it. Even though she has lots of money, she is interested in collecting teddy bears, dolls, books, clothes, and jewelry. Being the only girl for a long time, the Betty doll does not like to share. Her wardrobe is separate from all the other dolly wardrobe. She has her own house and style and lives accordingly.

Does the Betty doll herself have a boyfriend or a husband? No, but she has many admirers and dates and kind of likes it that way, at least for now.

Does the Betty doll really reflect who I really am? Yes and no. If I am not allergic to so many man made chemicals, I would actually be a doctor instead of an artist/cook. I got her right as I started developing all these allergies and can no longer continue my studies, which is heartbreaking to me.

The rest, well I will leave it up to you as a reader to decide.


So... there we have it: the Betty doll and introducing my first project of the year: 365 pictures of my Blythes. If you manage to not get bored halfway through the Betty doll's introduction: Don't worry, I have more dolls than Betty. Betty is spunky though so she will show up probably the most. I also love sewing for Blythes as well as Momokos and Unoas. It is a challenge in its own way.

Anyway, thanks for reading so far. Happy New Year to all and hope that we will have a wonderful year of growth together.

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