Sunday, November 18, 2012

Technology is not always the best thing... (part 1)

Hello everyone!

So I am at the final project of my Beginner's sewing class. So we have to make a human sized reversible vest. I found the pattern and everything. Unfortunately, the pattern I found is not available at the local Joann's, so... I went to Simplicity's website to order the pattern. I saw that it is available for download. Yay right?


First of all you need to get an account from them to get to the digital part. Fine...
But that is where it gets tricky.

On Simplicity's website it said for a digital file you can only print it 3 times from the digital file website and you "own" the file for 1 year there. You then need to download Adobe Reader (the older version, not the latest version) and then another program to get it. If you download the latest version of Adobe Reader then the other program that you have to download simply does not work. You have to find one version lower to get it all set up.

Once you get it all set up to download, they won't let you save it to a real .pdf file. You spent $8 on this pattern. You would think you can own it on your computer right? Wrong... It took some interesting wrestling of sorts just to get it print. It is annoying to say the least.

Did I mention that the combination of programs is spyware? My husband the computer master had to deal with it just so he can get it to work. I don't think other people are so lucky to have a computer guru. You would just end up furious and out a few dollars.

Thank goodness I have a laser printer AND a document scanner. I printed it, scanned it, and THEN turned that newly scanned document into a .pdf for later. What a huge hassle! I don't think I will ever sell my pattern to anyone else, BUT for personal use that is such a hassle. I did not even put the pieces together yet, which I know I have to do. I will get it done, but yeesh...

I think next time I will buy the pattern and have it mailed to my house. It is easier that way.

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