Monday, January 24, 2011

Untangling myself

Hello everyone!

If you do not know me already, my name is Betty.

I am an artist for most of my life. Until recently, I was a miniature clay artist. Due to many different life circumstances happening at the same time it was simply time to change my art into something else, something that is not as equipment and space intensive. It was hard but I had to do it not only because of space constraints but also for my own emotional and mental being.

Unlike my other journeys that I have started on a blog, this journey is completely uncharted. At least with Live Mini (which I am still maintaining), I was working with clay for quite some years before I started blogging about it. I am no expert of polymer clay, but I know a few things before getting into it.

Betty Candy is completely different. It is mostly me being excited, frustrated, and experimentative towards learning and working with clothing design. You are literally reading about me learning new things every single day and building up skills that would lead to me being more expressive than I was before.

So what is Betty Candy about? It is about candy of all sorts: eye candy, tool candy, web candy, candy candy? There are also doll candy involved, but that will have to come later.

My first step towards my goal is to learn how to knit, which until now I have no clue how. Later on when I have the space I want to learn how to machine sew and serge with pretty machines that are far too complex for me for now. For now I am content with knitting because it is portable and you do not need a lot of space except to store the yarn.

This should be interesting ride. Buckle up kids because we are going places, and I don't know where. You will just have to hang on.


Valldawn said...

Great post, I will enjoy the ride with you!!!!

Betty said...

Thank you very much :) Glad I have people to enjoy the ride with me!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

this post me smile, as I too decided that this year 'learning to knit' was something I HAD to learn! I still love making my miniatures, but like you, I was looking for something more portable as a hobby so I shall enjoy joining you along your journey and look forward to seeing where it takes us :o)