Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of course, the yarn (and lesson 1)

Hello everyone!

* Note: Huge, intensive photo post ahead! Proceed with caution *

Now that we have the needles, let's talk about yarn. Without the yarn, it is not knitting now is it?

So here is my small (but growing) yarn collection. At the moment I have some Patons Classic wool. It is nothing special but it is one of the very few things that is 100% wool in Joann's. (Yes I have yet to discover the local yarn store, will have to find it later.)

At the moment I am using only pure 100% wool because I want to get used to the feel of normal wool, as opposed to the super good stuff or the really bad stuff. 100% wool from the craft store is probably a good metric for that.

I think when I was in Joanns trying to buy yarn I already found "the really bad stuff." I have a habit of touching everything in front of me before I buy anything, from fruits and veggies to fabric and I guess yarn now. I just do not like the feel of acrylic, which is in a lot of the yarn there. I guess I do not like a mix of rayon AND acrylic at the same either. I am sure blends have their purposes, but for a beginner who is TRYING to knit swatches and simple things I don't think so.

Quickie lesson: winding yarn balls

Anyway, you would notice that all my yarn is in tidy little balls already. I had to do it because the resident doggies would take the skein and run off with it if you are not careful. With them in balls in a bag inside my bedroom the doggies would not have a chance to go "get" them as a chew toy and scatter yarn around the house.

Small back story: This is actually one of the first things I learned to cope with what happened to my father-in-law. Both my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law craft with yarn. Since I cannot enter their house without damaging my lungs, I learned how to wind yarn balls quick to pass the time besides watching them move things around.

Here I have one Lion's 100% Fisherman's Wool. Geez, what would I do without the Internet? It does look like a giant sausage does it? Ya...

Now take the wrapper off (and keep the wrapper! Not all yarns have the same composition) and take the lone strand out.

I usually wrap this lone strand around my left hand at least 10 times. Then, I start to wrap the strands in the middle of the small bundle I created. Eventually this would turn into a ball, a crude ball but nevertheless a ball.

Continue winding the ball, moving the ball in different directions to wrap in different directions until well... the skein disappears. Now you have a giant yarn ball.

Special thanks to my mother-in-law for helping with the photos.

I hope this will help glimpse at what I am up to!

P.S. Here is my first little doll candy: my new key chain Robin the raccoon! The literal meaning of kireizukin is either pretty hood or clean hood. You will see more of Robin later on. I am rather addicted to Robin's cuteness at the moment.

Apparently, according to the san-x's website, a kireizukin is:

Irresponsible raccoon “Mar”, he is usually lazy but he changes his attitude whenever he wears hood on his head. He rarely cleans up the room before wearing the hood, but after wearing the hood on his head, like personality changes, he become an expert on smarten up and clean up the room, also he can be called “Kireizukin”.

Here is a little video I found for kireizukin Nintendo DS video game:

The second "candy" for me anyway is my new pepper spray with the ultraviolet dye. Unfortunately, it is pink because it is for a Breast Cancer campaign (sweet irony?) I have not used it once, and hopefully will never use it, but when I need it, it is right next to Robin the raccoon.


Valldawn said...

Heee very informative & a cute little raccoon!

Betty said...

Thanks! I love that raccoon! Real raccoons, not so much.