Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First stop: the tools

The first stop of knitting is well, the needles.

I am a tool nut, but I have to admit that the knitting needles are my first impulse buy. I did not do much research on which ones are the best, but rather which ones are the most colorful ones.

I currently own Susan Bates knitting needles and crochet hooks.

I got them because:

1) They are the only thing being sold in Joann and Michaels (even less at Michaels, they mostly have crochet hooks at the local one.)
2) Susan Bates' Silvalume® brand has the same colors (almost) on their needle sizes for double point, single point, and crochet hooks, which helps me when I am in a bind.

When I said almost the same colors on their stuff, I mean it. Most of them are pretty dead on, like their size 8 line up (5.0mm). I got the blue crochet hook and blue needles (single and double point.) These are all 5.0mm so if I am knitting something up, I can switch back and forth on these.

However, some of them does not match at all. This is an example of 3.25mm single point knitting needles, double points, and crochet hook. As you can see (or not see quite right in this picture), the single point (darker light blue), double point (lighter light blue), and the crochet hook (gray) are all different.

At the moment, I currently own size 000 (1.5mm in diameter) to size 8 (5.0mm in diameter.) When I get single points I try to get them as LONG as possible. I am lazy that way.

I store my knitting needles like pencils. I grab them and use them. When I am done, I just put it back in the tupperware. I do not have a fancy knitting bag. I do have some kind of organization. I keep my double points in a ziploc bag and try to remember the colors for sizes.

If not, well I do have my gauge ruler.

I do not currently have any circular needles yet. That is on my dream list.

Overall, I do like these needles. They do the job and they are wonderful to look at. However, their single points in my opinion wears out too fast for my liking and goes blunt. I also discovered when they go blunt that I hate blunt needles. For me, pointy needles are my friends.

P.S. Can someone ID these needles? My mother gave me these needles a long time ago. They are long double point needles that are gray and really long. I really like these extra long double points but I don't know who made them. Any clues?

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WendiesMiniWorld said...

HI, the double ended needles are similar to circular needles, although you need more than 2 for it to work, usually 3 or 4. Some patterns I have seen suggest starting on circular needles and then changing to double pointers when required. I'm only a beginner too so havent used either type... yet! but I shall, a hat is next on my 'to-do' list :-D